We have a self catering holiday rental business 1.25 hours drive from Malaga, southern Spain (Cortijo Las Rosas) started by my wife and sister in law 6 years ago. I joined them late last year, having reached 65 years of age and stopped working in the UK.

I’m gradually getting used to being ‘retired and living in rural Spain. My womenfolk find lots to keep me busy around the Cortijo which has to be in great condition to welcome our guests throughout the summer.

I’ve hooked up with two local Brits to indulge our hobby of cycling.What testing terrain it is hereabouts but the huge skies, terrific visas and largely traffic free roads are simply wonderful after the hassles of cycle commuting in London with its life threatening traffic and the traffic light orchestrated stops and starts. Today I learned a salutary lesson: in future I should carry a chain link extractor. My chain snapped in the middle of nowherer…..it was a long walk home!